Rotation 3: Event Management


Overview: The catering business has an emphasis on distributing the Gumbo to different retail outlets, however the event management rotation will have an alternative focus. By implementing the proposed outdoor space to create a community hub, this rotation will help provide the community a space to bring different groups into the Café. Rather than churches or other organizations using a park or space outside of the community, the Café can provide the venue for their various activities.




1. Promoting the availability to the community
2. Planning and scheduling for various organizations
3. Communicating with those who have reserved the space
4. Organization of all necessary materials for the events


Skills Developed:


1. Leadership qualities gained by being in charge of the events
2. Organizational skills of avoiding calendar conflicts
3. Building communication skills with customers before and after event
4. Basic inventory abilities to see if Café can meet all client needs


Hospitality makes up a major portion of this rotation. Some of the main duties involve direct communication with potential groups interested in hosting events. Proper manners and etiquette are also essential in providing the very best experience for the customer. Additionally, the intern must follow up with the groups that use the event space in order to gauge what was done well and what needs to be improved upon. These interns will develop themselves into professionals who have the ability to respond favorably to criticism by improving in their future roles. Furthermore, by planning the events, the interns will learn how attention to the customer’s customization of the event is important. This will improve the listening skills that are necessary in a hospitality-based industry. All of the skills that will be developed in this rotation will assist the intern in future job opportunities. The transferability of responding positively to criticism will be crucial when faced with adversity in future work engagements.


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