Rotation 2: Food Truck Management


Overview: Implementing a food truck is an innovative way to generate revenue in addition to raising awareness to potential customers for the Café.  The food truck management rotation requires the highest level of responsibility for the intern. Since the food truck will primarily serve unique New Orleans cuisine, the interns will become experts with the menu. As a result, the interns will learn all particulars of the truck’s operation and be able to answer any questions from customers.




1. Setting up/putting away equipment and seating
2. Operating the cash register
3. Communicating and interacting with customers
4. Responsible for all day-to-day operations of the food truck
5. Serving food to customers


Skills Developed:


1. Leadership qualities of maintaining all operations of the food truck
2. Basic Accounting Principles and Bookkeeping
3. Communication skills with customers
4. Executing the proper serving techniques of the food


During this rotation, hospitality skills will be mastered. Being responsible for all of the daily duties of managing the food truck is crucial for the leadership development for these interns. Through customer interactions, the interns will learn how to communicate effectively and respond to the needs of their patrons. These customer relations will emphasize the importance of answering questions and concerns in a polite manner. Additionally, the skills of bookkeeping and basic accounting will give the interns a skill that is present in almost every single occupation. The Food Truck rotation will also exemplify the reliance and confidence that the Café will entrust in their interns. This trust will help the interns reach their full potential and have the ability and confidence to run a successful food truck for the Café.


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