Rotation 1: Catering Management


Overview: The catering business is the main source of revenue for the Café on the Corner. Due to this, it is important for the interns to understand this profitable aspect of the business. Furthermore, the Café’s Gumbo has entered multiple grocery stores and super markets; this distribution of the Gumbo is the fastest growing facet of the business. This rotation will include interaction with clients as well as education about the catering business in the Pittsburgh area.




  1. Assist in deliveries to local super markets
  2. Establish relationships with current clients for the catering business
  3. Foster relationships with future clients
  4. Shadow Michael Blackwell prior to deliveries


Skills Developed:


  1. Dressing appropriately for the job
  2. Building communication skills
  3. Learning sales techniques
  4. Attention to detail


Not only will the Catering Management part of the internship develop the above skills for the interns, this part will also improve upon the interns social and professional skills. First and foremost, Michael will show the interns how essential hospitality is within the service industry. By shadowing Mike while he is conducting business, the interns will learn how to present themselves in a professional setting. The manners and professionalism that will be obtained through interactions with clients as well as with Michael will allow for each intern to further develop those skills. It will show each intern that putting the client first is vital to maintain that client for current and future business opportunities. Finally, all of the skills that will be developed while performing the duties of this rotation are very applicable in a real world setting, as they are broad skills that can be applied in a multitude of areas.


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