Workforce Development Program


With the implementation of this Workforce Development Curriculum, the North Side community and particularly Marshall Shadeland will benefit in a number of ways. Through involving the community youth with this program, the applicant pool will remain local. The participation will allow for the community to progress and grow. An additional benefit of keeping the applicant pool local will allow for former interns to mentor newer interns. In the beginning, Michael will serve as the primary mentor for the interns, but as the network of interns begins to grow, formal mentorship program will be established. The success of the past interns will encourage present and future interns to participate in the program. Michael will also be able to follow up with each of the previous interns, and he will utilize their experiences to exemplify the positive impact that their involvement in the program had on their community and themselves.


As for the Café on the Corner, this program will positively impact their success immensely by providing the opportunity for the interns to grow and develop under their direction. With the implementation of the food truck and the improvement of the outdoor space, the buzz about the food and experience that the Café provides will become even more apparent. The increase in publicity will accelerate business and allow for more interns to be added with the success of the program. Once again, the Café will develop and bring more business into the North Side while serving as an example to others in the community.


The opportunities that the Café on the Corner will provide are truly invaluable. Michael and LaTeresa Blackwell will be instrumental to the improvement of the community and youth. Once again, the interns will learn how to dress properly, how to take criticism effectively, how to conduct oneself in a professional setting, and how to have proper manners. These principal skills will allow the interns to improve professionally, but more importantly improve as young men and women.


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