Internship Overview


The objective of this internship will be to allow the youth within the community of the North Side to develop the necessary skills to enter the workforce. The program will feature experience-based learning through different rotations throughout the Café’s business ventures. The structure of the internship will be 14 weeks in total. The first two weeks will consist of basic training that will introduce the interns to the Café and the different positions involved within the internship. The following 12 weeks will equally focus on Catering Management, Food Truck Management, and Event Management. 


The target applicants are students between the ages of 16 and 20 years old. These applicants will be found from recommendations of local high school counselors as well as church leaders.  These recommendations should be based on students and different members of the community in need of this program as well as those interested. Perry High School, local churches in the North Side as well the Bidwell Training Center will be vital in spreading the word about this internship program. We anticipate that the program awareness will increase from selecting local teenager applicants, who will encourage other students to get involved with this internship in the future. Since the Buhl Foundation has funded Bidwell’s programs in the North Side Area in the past, these two organizations have built a lasting relationship. Thus, an additional necessary partnership will be made with Bidwell Training Center and the members of their youth program.


The first round of interns will be placed in each of the 3 different positions in the Café. First, there will be an introduction period for both the Café and the selected interns. This period will streamline the training process as well as transition them into the three positions. If successful, the next round of interns will allow for more applicants to be selected into this program in the future. However, it is important for the first round to only consist of three interns in order to measure the feasibility and success of the program.


Interns will be compensated through a grant from the Buhl Foundation. This is important, as it will increase the interest in this position. In addition, this stipend will assist the interns in vital financial literacy education that will be discussed later in the curriculum. If the funding is obtainable, we believe $1500 over the 14 weeks, at roughly 10 hours a week, will be a successful format for the internship.  The funding for this program should be requested prior to accepting the first rotation of interns.



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